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About TMYL

The TMYL Story

In July of 1993, Todd Martin made his first Wimbledon quarterfinal and made it into the top 15 in the world. After 2½ years struggling on tour, he was finally making his way in professional tennis. When he was traveling, his singular focus was tennis. Fortunately, he made plenty of time to return to Lansing, MI, where he grew up and his parents still lived.

One day after practicing with Rick Ferman, Todd’s long-time mentor and coach, they began talking about what was important. The conversation was focused on the discipline and respect that tennis requires, its rewards, the community of Lansing and its specific importance to both Rick and Todd, and all children need in order to flourish.  It was in that conversation that the concept of Todd Martin Youth Leadership originated.

Todd’s dad, Dale Martin, lent his expertise as an attorney and the organization began taking form. Together the three of them and their unique array of skills successfully raised funds, designed a program, hired a staff, and began operation in the summer of 1994.

Todd is still excited that, through the hard work of so many people, the organization is still growing and serving mid-Michigan's youth better than ever.