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Destinee 7.26.18

Hi guys! I’m sad to say this, but this week will be my last blog as the TMYL summer session ends on Friday and I go back to New York next month. I enjoyed my time working with… Read More

Destinee 7.19.18

Hey guys, it’s Destinee again! As noted in the previous updates, this past field trip was at Eastern Michigan University. TMYL took all the afternoon participants there, where we learned about the financial and academic opportunities provided along… Read More

Destinee 7.12.18

It’s Destinee again! I was hoping to update you all on how great these past two days at TMYL have been. The week off was nice, but I’m excited to be back! With the start of a new… Read More

Destinee 6.28.18

Hello again! My name is Destinee Anderson and I  am a TMYL summer coach. This summer has been going great so far and I am really proud of the progress my participants have made. This week, TMYL, had… Read More

Destinee 6.21.18

Hello! My name is Destinee Anderson and I am currently a sophomore  at New York University with a major in English Education and minor in Psychology. At 12 years old, I knew I wanted to go into the… Read More