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Payton 7.26.18

Hey guys it’s Payton Russom! I am sad because it’s the last week of tennis, but the tournament and water fight are some of my favorite things. The field trip last week was a lot of fun, even… Read More

Payton 7.19.18

Hi guys it’s still Payton Russom! Last week we went to Eastern Michigan University and it was more fun than I thought it would be, because we got to see a lot of the campus, and the facts… Read More

Payton 7.12.18

Hi guys, it’s still Payton Russom. My week off was nice and relaxing. I finally saw Incredibles 2! It feels good to be back to tennis. We are doing some bump-and-hit progressions that really help me work on… Read More

Payton 6.28.18

Hi guys, it’s still Payton Russom. This week we got new kids, and it’s always cool to see new faces and meet new people – especially when they end up as friends! Last week we went to the… Read More

Payton 6.21.18

Hi, my name’s Payton Russom and I LOVE Todd Martin Youth Leadership. I’ve been in the program for about 5 years now, and every year has gotten better than the last. My favorite part of TMYL is the… Read More