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Ronnie 7.26.18

Welcome to the beginning of the end. Last week we went to the Flint Clay Courts. I didn’t like them. The ball was slowed down in the bounce and running was weird because clay is such a different… Read More

Ronnie 7.19.18

It’s been a couple weeks now. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to submit a blog last week because I was attending a nike camp. Well, I was until I got hit by a car. So that was FUN. I… Read More

Ronnie 6.28.18

Hey there, it’s been a week! The groups have gotten more organized by skill level now. It’s really helpful because now everyone can rally longer with each other. Last week’s field trip to the Air Zoo was awesome! I went… Read More

Ronnie 6.21.18

Hello, my name’s Ronnie Lucas. I’m 14 years old and I’ve been in the Todd Martin Youth Leadership program for about 2-3 years. I haven’t been in the program for a very long time but it’s helped me… Read More