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Court One Alumni

Court One is where everything started for Todd Martin and has been a big part of many of our lives.  We are working to gather as much information on everyone who has been at Court One over the past couple of decades and hope you can help.  Please fill out the form below for yourself or any others you may know of from your era.

We consider you a part of the Todd Martin Youth Leadership Family and hope to be able to better share everything that is happening with the organization Todd started almost 25 years ago.

Rebecca Swan Johnson,  Executive Director, TMYL
Court One Alum 1999-2003

TMYL Board of Directors Court One Alumni
Sue Selke, Executive Director Court One Athletic Clubs
Chris Struck, 1988-1996
Dan Swan, 1989-1997
Vinny Gossain, 1991-2001
David Swan, 1992-2000