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Destinee 6.28.18

Hello again! My name is Destinee Anderson and I  am a TMYL summer coach. This summer has been going great so far and I am really proud of the progress my participants have made. This week, TMYL, had two sports psychologists who own a company named The Conscious Competitor, come out and teach us about how to think positively and change the way we think about ourselves. They even taught us some really cool new tennis games. I was their ‘tour guide’ during their visit and got to work with them at all of the TMYL summer sites. During their visit, they spoke with the participants about finding their growing edge and thinking about the things they were doing well rather than the things they weren’t doing so well. I really appreciated that new way of thinking, because it not only made the participants stop and think when playing tennis about what they were doing well, but also for me as a coach. I had to stop and think, ‘What am I doing well as a coach? How can I improve?’ I am excited to continue on with that way of thinking because I it can really help the participants’ mental and physical tennis game.

On another note, Quentin Park raised over 400 pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and 100% have turned in their Arthur Ashe essays for the NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay Contest. One of our participants could win a trip to New York City!

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