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Destinee 7.12.18

It’s Destinee again! I was hoping to update you all on how great these past two days at TMYL have been. The week off was nice, but I’m excited to be back! With the start of a new session, I have been promoted to site director at Quentin Park! I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope to instill some knowledge about life on and off the court with the participants there.

This week’s theme is all about goal setting, so today the participants wrote down three stars and one wish for themselves regarding their tennis game. The three ‘stars’ would be things they’ve improved on and the ‘wish’ is one goal they have for themselves that can be completed by the end of the session. After reading each of their goals, the other coaches and I came up with one tennis game per participant goal that can we can all play in order to work on improving their ‘wish.’

This week’s field trip is split between age groups. Younger participants are going to the Grand Rapids Public Museum and older participants are attending a college tour of Eastern Michigan University. I can’t wait to tell you all how each field trip went! That’s all for now, write to you soon.

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