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Destinee 7.19.18

Hey guys, it’s Destinee again! As noted in the previous updates, this past field trip was at Eastern Michigan University. TMYL took all the afternoon participants there, where we learned about the financial and academic opportunities provided along with having a tour of the school. Most of our participants are in middle school or just beginning high school so this was a great way to prepare them to begin thinking about college or vocations after high school.

This week has also been great, participants have really improved since the beginning of first session. At Quentin Park, we have introduced both the volley and serve this week in order to get them ready for the TMYL tournament next week. Also, this week we have continued with Jill and Nini’s advice about what to do when you’re having negative self talk, which ties in with this week’s theme of healthy living. Because the participants at Quentin Park are learning a new skill, they sometimes find it hard to look at the things they are doing well and begin focusing on the negative. So, this week we have been making sure students tell us what they think they’re doing well and also adding some things we’ve noticed. It can be hard to focus on positive self talk when learning a new skill set and trying to apply that! I will give updates on how they did in the tournament next week!

Additionally, I would like to say that I’ve really valued my time working with TMYL participants – it’s always fun to see them grow and improve their tennis game. I say this a lot, but I really do mean that this summer has been great, exceptional even. I am so happy to be a part of the TMYL family. Talk to you next week!

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