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Our Impact

Lansing School District’s graduation rate was 54% in 2015-2016

“I have been in TMYL for 5 years and I have gained a lot of good things about tennis. I’ve learned about teamwork, sportsmanship, working hard, and focusing. Working hard and focusing helps me as a student because in school I can get work done faster and easier than other days because I can have the confidence to do more things that I thought I couldn’t do.”

- TMYL Summer Tennis Participant, Age 10

Jacob Stevenson, 2017 Scholarship winner with Board Member Sue Selke and TMYL Executive Director Rebecca Johnson

“I like how the program is going this year and it is great for the students who attend! I am hearing positive things from my daughter. Thank you for your support of the students and positive impact on their future!” ~ Autumn Brown

“Teamwork - Sometimes TMYL asks us to play as a team. Through this I have learned how important it is to work together to reach our goal (win the game). Now I work better in a class or team project. Always listen to everyone’s opinion in the group to come up with a better solution for the assignment. I am a better listener and student. I would like to thank TMYL for all that they do to make me not only a better tennis player, but also a better person.”

- TMYL Summer Tennis Participant, Age 11

“I am enjoying tutoring, it is very fun and a good way to learn different ways to connect with students as I will be a teacher in the future. Thank you so much for the opportunity to volunteer with the Todd Martin Youth Leadership program!”

~ Volunteer Tutor

“I have been with the summer program since I was six years old. I went through the program every summer, and was lucky enough to win the scholarship from 2005-2006. The Todd Martin program instilled a love of tennis for me, this love ended up taking me through high school and eventually onto a Division II tennis team. In my first year on the team I had an undefeated record at six singles, and won First Team All-Conference in doubles. I transferred to Michigan State and joined the club tennis team. I was the president for two years. The Todd Martin program has been the core of almost every summer of my life. It has given me some of my closest friends, and it has helped me to become a much better leader.”
- Renee Hoekstra, Staff

“TMYL has taught me to never give up and to work as hard as I can. If one day I wake up and feel tired, I still go to tennis and work my hardest. As a student, if I’m having trouble in school or if I’m not understanding something, I still will work hard, try my best to understand it, and never give up. As a tennis player, if I lose a point, I won’t get mad or yell, but I will keep on trying to win a point. And as a person, when I set goals, I can’t give up on those goals. I need to make them really happen.”

- TMYL Summer Tennis Participant, Age 10

“Tutoring has been a joy and everything is going amazing! I feel like we are both growing from each other; not only am I teaching the participant school subjects, but the participant is also teaching me different ways of communicating and how to attack problems.” - Volunteer Tutor

71% of Lansing School District students qualified for the National School Lunch Program during the 2015-16 school year

“A lesson I have learned in TMYL is how to not be a sore loser. This helps me as an individual because when I’m playing different sports or games, I don’t get too upset if I don’t win. This helps as a student because next year in gym class I won’t be angry if I lose a game in class. This helps me as a tennis player so if my team does win a game, I won’t tease the other team for losing.”

- TMYL Summer Tennis Participant, Age 7

Madalynn Body, 2016 TMYL Scholarship Award Winner

Only 24% of third grade students in the Lansing School District are proficient in English

“One of the most important lessons I have learned from TMYL is that you must be motivated if you want to get better at something you really want to do. If you are motivated, you have the power to do what you love and get it done better. At times I had moments where I felt like I had messed up big time, but then I had some motivation in me and I reminded myself that I may have messed up this time, but I will get better if I go and try again. Some things that I have accomplished wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t attended TMYL.”

- TMYL Summer Tennis Participant, Age 13

Danielle Ellsworth, 2017 Arthur Ashe Essay Award Winner & TMYL Participant. Danielle got to attend the US Open and sit in the USTA President's Suite!


Listen to Todd Martin talk about TMYL and the game of tennis with Lansing's own, Tim Staudt. 

(originally aired on 9.19.17)