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Payton 6.28.18

Hi guys, it’s still Payton Russom. This week we got new kids, and it’s always cool to see new faces and meet new people – especially when they end up as friends! Last week we went to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, which has honestly never been my favorite, but it’s always cool to be that close to the fighter planes and ride in the simulator. Spinning around is fun, and making your friends spin with you is even more fun. Tennis-wise, I’ve been improving on my forehands and backhands, as coaches are able to watch me more and help build up my swing. I couldn’t have done it without them. The Conscious Competitor people who visited yesterday talked more in-depth about resetting after a failure and not getting mad at yourself – because getting mad is a waste of time and energy. They said in situations where we know exactly what to do, and still make a mistake, to think about what we had just done, make a movie of it in our mind, then put it in a balloon and let it go! It was kind of funny to think about and it really did help. Next week will be a break between tennis sessions and I’m looking forward to getting to practice some tennis on my own. Till next time, this is Payton Russom, signing off.

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