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Ronnie 12.3.18

Hello! November has gone by so quickly; it’s hard to believe it’s December now! As the months go by, I am awaiting the start of the tennis season in the spring. My goal is to make Varsity my freshman year. This has been a goal of mine for a very long time. 
I am still participating in TMYL’s Friday night tennis program. For me it’s a great opportunity to get more practice in, and, honestly, wouldn’t want to spend my Friday nights any other way. Through my scholarship with TMYL, I’ve gotten to know the people at Court One very well and the lessons are fun and effective. I am somehow managing to keep my grades up with my busy schedule. Maintaining school, practice, and hanging out with friends has always been a struggle of mine, but as I get older it’s getting a little easier because I am now using a planner.  

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