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Ronnie 6.28.18

Hey there, it’s been a week! The groups have gotten more organized by skill level now. It’s really helpful because now everyone can rally longer with each other. Last week’s field trip to the Air Zoo was awesome! I went on the simulator five times (without puking). We had our first fitness day last week with different “stations” for each kind of workout. We also had instructors visit Monday from “Conscious Competitor” in Chicago, and the one who worked with me, Coach Nini, played #1 singles and doubles in college. As a result, it was much easier to pay attention as she spoke, because that’s a goal I have for myself. She told us it was really important to always have a good mindset during a game, and taught us ways to stay calm even when we aren’t winning. She emphasized preparing before any kind of challenge with some sort of mental warm-up, like listening to music or taking deep breaths. Next session I’m looking forward to more fitness days and going on the field trips!!

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