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Ronnie 7.19.18

It’s been a couple weeks now. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to submit a blog last week because I was attending a nike camp. Well, I was until I got hit by a car. So that was FUN. I ended up getting a concussion, but that’s not gonna stop me from playing tennis (my doctor cleared me for sports). I went on the field trip on Friday to Eastern Michigan. The campus was pretty nice and our lunch was very good. Yesterday was my first day back at Todd Martin and they had changed the TM Team (Todd Martin Team) a little bit. But I liked the changes they made and I feel like everyone’s getting a lot better now and putting in more work. The TM Team morning group learned a new game called “Speed Feed” that’s pretty fun. It forced everyone to be competitive which is a plus. Until next time, it’s Ronnie Lucas hoping for no concussions!

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